Toki Italian Inspired, Woolloomooloo

November 16, 2018

Twirl your appetite into oblivion with oodles of pasta to set you off for a delightful afternoon. Whether you choose to create your own or select from the recommended presets, Toki has a wide range of flavours and ingredients made to suit all demanding taste buds.

Start with the squid ink past with additions of meat balls, chorizo and calamari before moving onto the creamy pollo avocado linguini, which was my fave – so simple but oh so yummy.

Toss into ollo cacciatore fettuccine too, your classic pasta overloaded with tomato sauce.

**ratings: 8.2g edibles | 8.2g value | 8.2g service | 8.2g ambience

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Location: Woolloomooloo // Cuisine: Italian
Tips: invited to dine as a guest of Toki Italian Inspired

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