firestone brunch

Firestone, The Rocks

November 17, 2018

Baste your appetite with a substantial meal at the cafe conveniently situated along The Rocks markets. Their expansive menu will have you intrigued and a tad indecisive on what to try – each dish has a unique twist to what you’d expect. 

Caramelize with the chilli scrambled pork belly – it’s full on – overloaded with flavours of sweet, salty, creamy and a punch of chilli too. The flatbread, although starchy, helps to breakdown the heaviness in taste.

firestone brunch
chilli scrambled sticky pork • sambal scrambled eggs, wild rice flake, Asian sticky pork belly salad on flatbread

Continue with the carb load by choosing the kimchi toastie, and just as you’d expect the chilli oil drenches the bread, spreading flavour throughout. Tenderize with the wagyu steak, but at typical cafe standards, so it’s a gamble to expect super juicy greatness.

firestone brunch
kimchi toastie • slow cooked kimchi, prosciutto, truffle aioli, provolone cheese, sourdough
firestone brunch
wagyu beef scotch fillet (MB+7), chimichurri, seasonal vegetables

For a vegetarian brunch option, the mushrooms with poached eggs was quite delightful but considered more ordinary in taste compared to the others.

Finally, sweeten off the experience with the french toast, which was quite fluffy in texture and not overly sweet.

firestone brunch
French toast • brioche French toast, fruits, mascarpone, salted caramel, pistachio crumble, maple syrup

**ratings: 7.0g edibles | 7.5g value | 7.8g service | 7.6g ambience

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Location: The Rocks
Cuisine: Modern Australian, Cafe
Tips: invited to dine as a guest of Firestone

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