Manoosh Pizzeria, Marrickville

November 18, 2018

Sizzle your appetite with a zesty and meaty zing of flavour from traditional Lebanese pizza favourites. Starting with the Zaatar Beirut Style, the overload of oregano really brings out its fragrance plus enhances the flavour with every mouthful of flatbread, cheese and veg.

Complement with a meaty pizza, and I mean literally just minced meat, which can get a tad repetitive on its own but great to share. Ooze your taste buds with the spinach and cheese pie, which just melts in your mouth. Just a note to anticipate – the powerful punch of flavour leaves you rather dehydrated.

**ratings: 8.8g edibles | 8.7g value | 8.7g service | 8.7g ambience

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Location: Marrickville // Cuisine: Lebanese
Tips: invited to dine as a guest of Manoosh Pizzeria

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