Xmas High Tea by Anna Polyviou

December 21, 2018
High tea

The Queen of desserts has done it again, bringing her inventive sweet creations to celebrate the festive season. It was such an honour to lay back and enjoy the high tea experience as she shared her ideas and processes behind each concept. We got so intimate, we were serenading on the piano and spooning our way through an enormous trifle together.

For a limited time only, the xmas high tea will be available in the Shangri-la lobby cafe. With 3 levels on the high tea stand, work your way from the bottom with soft and fluffy scones, which were one of the best I’ve tasted. Continue to take the next level up with more savoury treats – the toastie was definitely a highlight. Finally, the treats you’ve been waiting for, on the top level were just a few delicate delights executed beautifully to overwhelm your taste buds with sweetness.

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