Walsh Bay Crabhouse, Walsh Bay

February 21, 2020

An evening overloaded with mouth-watering seafood; dishes executed with high attention to detail and care of amplifying the rich quality of ingredients. Hosted by @hungry_diner, we were a group of salivating foodies as every dish was being presented. Starting with fresh oysters and scallops, they had already set my tastebuds on a frenzy with its freshness and further enhanced with salty yet sweet touches from the dressing. The highlight dishes of the evening, for me, were the sea urchin and black pepper crab.

Cream your appetite with the buttery sensation of the sea urchin – you know it’s legit when you don’t taste any hints of sour/bitterness to its organic flavour. Where do I even begin on the black pepper crab – so much flavour – I seriously wanted to lick plates of the sauce.

Continue for a sensory overload to your tastebuds as you venture through the vast array of flavours from the cheesy lobster to spicy Singaporean chilli crab. The seafood platter is always a crowd pleaser and this one was one of the best; spoilt for choice of the high market value seafoods. Compliment with dishes such as the salted egg yolk prawns, seafood fried rice and fried fish which will send you into the happiest food coma.

**ratings: 9.1g edibles | 8.9g value | 8.9g service | 8.5g ambience

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Location: Walsh Bay, Millers Point
Cuisine: Seafood // Restaurant Website
Tips: ningjaeats was invited to dine as a guest of Crabhouse

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